Thursday, December 25, 2014

say hi, to ms tweety!

This is Tweety a livewire indie rescued stray, about two months old. She is being fostered by a friend, till she finds a permanent home.
Tweety was the first pup to be adopted in a recent Adaptation, but was returned a few days later - which meant that she was then part of the Hangover Adaptation (held a few days post the first event, especially for pets that get returned) It's a challenge, I'm told for indie strays to get adopted. If she was a lab pup they say, she would get adopted in a snap.
So, Tweety waits.
Here, she is at our place looking out of the window, inquisitively. Tweety has 3 year old Ceaser, for company and she is learning fast. She is already won a few hearts around the house and office -where
she goes everyday with our friend.

Here's a portrait of Tweety that I attempted on an app that allows you to render photos like an oil painting on canvas. I thought she looks stunning. What do you think?