Thursday, December 25, 2014

Are the lion kings of Gir in this picture?

In the winter of 2012 we visited Gir and sighted a set of five siblings about two years old (here's the link to that post

Last week I read a report in the TOI which spoke of three sub-adult lions between three and four years of age who carried out a coup and dethroned the reigning lions- who were ten years old. Until recently only after crossing the age of five would a lion attempt to challenge a ruler. But the social fabric has changed. Now lions are challenging earlier, and in a group, till now there were reports of two lions ganging up to challenge the ruler. this is the first recorded group of three lions taking over a pride (here's the link to the article (

I couldn't but put two and two together and wonder whether the new kings were from the siblings we saw - there can be a chance because the article states that territory in question is right in the middle of the tourist area.

So people, show some respect, you could just be seeing a picture featuring the current rulers of Gir!