Sunday, October 21, 2018

This is a default image from the display #iphonexmax at @unicornapplestore at @oberoimallmumbai! Loved the new features in the camera to try and find a way to move from the #iphone7plus to this one!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Have you heard of ‘tossing the vine’? In #marathi they call this, ‘vel ultaichi’ And the way it is done is to lift the end of the creeper and toss it in the opposite direction. In this picture you see a baby sweet potato ( Shakarkand/ Ratalay) creeper. The belief is that if the creeper advances and takes root at multiple places, it is a distraction and hence the sweet potato at the root does not grow to its potential. So every two days, the farmer keeps tossing the creeper to the opposite direction to ensure that there is only a single root and it gets all the attention from the plant! In this case more soil was added since the baby sweet potato was exposed - four weeks more to harvest the first batch! I’m looking forward to it! #sweetpotato

Two varieties of turmeric, on the left is the cultivated one and on the right the one that grows in the wild only in the monsoon. I’m growing a patch of turmeric now and got to see the other variety today. The villagers say that for any tuber or root that you’re growing you must wait for the leaves above to turn yellow, that’s when you know that all the essence of the plant has got deposited in the root! Two weeks more to go to harvest the turmeric. Watch this space! #turmeric #growingturmeric #iphone7plus #thehappybanyan

Today’s pluckings! #iphone7plus #nofilterneeded

Rain drops on a blade of paddy! A picture from this morning’s trip, that looks so beautiful. The fields in Karjat are in the middle of harvesting the summer paddy crop and yesterday’s major showers (out of the blue and a week and more after the announced departure of monsoon) have come as a major blow. One of the drops resembles a tear and that’s the mindset of the farmer. Rain during harvesting can ruin the entire crop and waste six months hard labour. They’re now waiting for the sun to come out, for the crop to dry and hoping that will happen in the next day or two. And also that there will be no rain during this time. I’m praying that it happens that way. So my friends in my village are saved from a tragedy. #nature #iphone7plus

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Another selfie, this one is pre 2006, and a picture of a reflection in the French window of our home at #Ahmedabad #selfie #throwback

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

These are flowers of an important crop & food ingredient in Maharashtra & these flowers are required for the puja during an upcoming festival - Can you name the crop/plant & the festival? #flowers #flowersofinstagram #festivalsofindia #indiantradition #festivalrituals #thehappybanyan #karjat #humgaon #iphone7plus #nofilter #trivia #growyourownfood #organicfarming