Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ganesha 2014

Till date, we had not painted eyes on the idol. Because it's a skilled task and also because it is critical to the final look. I have always felt that the idol should be a similarity of the lord, but you should leave some details to the viewers imagination. I would love to leave the idol just like this with minimal detail

We decided to take a shot and paint the eyes, make a detailed 'tilak' on the forehead, and here's how it turned out! 

Added attraction this year was the second idol, the 'Peshwa Ganapati' from the eCoexist range. One that Sona liked the moment she first saw it last year. 
We had a third idol too, made by our friends Priya & Sarvesh. Watch this space to see a picture of that too! We had another fun Chaturthi!