Sunday, January 04, 2015

Living on the edge

There's a lot of premium humans put to managing risk.  In nature's ecosystem these seem to be a normal way of life. Here's an insect (this one is like a flying ant) that was hopping from petal to petal on the flower very nonchalantly. This was a return trip it was doing after transporting some food.

I wondered whether it was the wings it had that gave it the extra courage or was it plain adaptability coming instinctively - imagine leaping from a moving petal to petal on a flower that is swinging with the swift breeze and you will get an idea of the degree of difficulty that I'm talking about, that the insect was managing with no apparent effort

It is visuals like this that make you think, that each one of us have a choice  - you can take challenges in your stride or feel overawed and get stressed out.

Yet another case where shooting pictures triggers interesting insights. The striking photo you get at the end of it is the bonus. Or is it the insight?