Saturday, July 05, 2014

run up to ganesh chaturthi 2014...

while we were making our idol last year, sona had taken some video on her iPad. subsequently we added some more from chaturthi day - plus some stills of shikhar making his ganesh idol (last year, college projects kept him away at pune, so I made one idol initially and then he made another once he was back) - here is the compilation put together by shikhar - as we are less than two months away from chaturthi this time

temporary sheds have already come up like a small rash across mumbai. these are the ones that are set up for finishing and selling ganesh idols for ganesh chaturthi, coming up this year on the 29th of august.

we're planning, like the past few years to make our own this year too. the plan is for a few of us to make our idols together one day and then colour them a fortnight later. should be very good fun, and i'm looking forward to it.

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