Wednesday, July 27, 2011

of a warm meal on a cold afternoon, cooked with all heart

In Paris, on a cold summer afternoon. A special day it was, not just because it was Freedom Day for Parisians and there was festivity in the air. But also because we made new friends that day. Who cooked for us with great affection and made sure we had a homely meal. Far away from home.

Allow me to introduce Mr & Mrs Koneswaran. Who opened their restaurant and their hearts for us on a public holiday, and made it a memorable day for us in more ways than one

It was fascinating, to hear how, twenty five years ago he set out from Sri Lanka with just a yearning to study and a few dollars in his pocket. And his journey, from Germany to Holland and eventually to France. From waiting on tables to starting a small restaurant of his own. Of the stolid support of the family and his wife and how together they make sure the children study Tamil on weekends to ensure that there is still the common ground of a shared language and culture among cousins , now spread across continents.

Two meals on two days and two new friends. Whom we're now expecting to meet in Mumbai when they visit India next. It will be our turn then, to cook for them!