Monday, April 02, 2007

we are like this only

driving back from lonavala, on the western express highway, spotted this car ahead of us with a pair of feet sticking out of the front passenger window!

even before we confirmed it from the license plates, we knew that it had to be a gujarat vehicle.

gujarat or gujaratis rather, are known for riding a scooter with the right leg crossed on the left, installing a audio system on a scooter, and sitting in the front passenger seat as seen in this pix. talk about safe driving on highways, using seat belts et al...


Saji 9:26 PM  

You bet sachin! Gujjus leave their mark everywhere they go! you will find these same species in every continent. Here in Africa for eg they have taught the locals to eat 'Ghutka' and no it doesn't stop there, these guys also spit on the walls of the building ditto an ahmedabad style(the 15degree arch spitting)