Monday, February 12, 2007

What all can you pack

Less than 24 hours after returning from the holiday, the packers were in. Along with the excitement of launching into another adventure in another city and another job, there were also some downers.

Sunday mornings would not be the same again. With the languid couple of hours spent at the Ravivari, the weekly flea market in Ahmedabad, something that marked, a mostly on routine, for me for over a decade.

As the packers took over and dismantled the place that had taken us years to put together, I was trying my best to get pictures to remember the place by.

One lot of my curios was sprawled on the floor waiting for the packers to individually pack each item.

Missing Sona’s eye (who I had already irritated quiet a bit by my insistence on shooting pictures rather than helping out the packers) I quickly snapped the curios on the floor.

One thing that I rued then (as I continue to do even now) was that, because our new place was going to be sea facing, the curios would have to be packed and stored in the attic.
This was therefore the last time in a while that I was going to see my curios