Saturday, February 17, 2007

curio shop at behrampura

lamps, shades, ceramic tiles with relief work dating back to the fifties and sixties and more. all at the first floor curio shop at behrampura
tony and me would go to this place every once in a couple of months to check out whatever new (old stuff) had come in. i remember once we went there to pick out a set of ceramic tiles for the hichka (swing) that he had picked up from Ashokbhai's at Khanpur, the other time was to look for those quaint old ceramic swithches with the brass knobs.
more recently we went there to find a green glass shade for the brass lamp, after the previous one broke in transit.there hasn't been even one occassion though when we've been there and not found something very nice and that 'you just had to have'
hopefully i will be in ahmedabad next month, and will be able to visit the place yet again